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Our goal is to provide an introduction to Gaelic Games in a fun way, encourage participation, provide a safe, secure and fun environment for our members, get children to fulfil their potential and develop a culture of good conduct, manners and respect. We want to produce good people.

In order to do this we need good people – you don’t have to be a good coach (that will be our responsibility to help you) – but if you have enthusiasm, a sense of fun and a willingness to learn then join our coaching team. All welcome.

“I used to think coaching was all about getting fellas fit.

I learned that the real effective coaching is the ability to get
into the heart and soul of the person.”

What do you have to do?

New and existing Coaches (both for GAA and LGFA) are required to have the following in place.

  1. Be a member of the Club
  2. Be Garda Vetted – update that vetting every 3 years
  3. Complete a Child Protection Course –  update every 5 years
  4. Complete a Sligo GAA Foundation Coaching Course

Garda Vetting: Required to be updated every 3 years

Any queries can be directed to

2 Steps:

  1. Complete the Form at the following link:
    You will need to upload one form of photo ID and one utility bill to prove your address with the eVetting Form.
  2. After you submit the online form you will be given an eVettting reference. Email that reference and also a copy of your 2 ID documents to

Your ID documents can be retained by the Club until your eVetting is confirmed. Once you have your eVetting reference you can volunteer as a support Coach. You cannot be a Lead Coach until your eVetting process is satisfactorily completed

Child Protection Course:  Required to be updated every 5 years

St Marys Child Protection Officer will advise all Coaches of courses available each year. You can start a supporting Coaching role while you are awaiting attendance at a Child Protection Course. Lead Coaches must have this course completed.

Sligo GAA Foundation Coaching Course

St Marys Coaching Officer will ensure that all new coaches are informed of the dates when the Foundation Courses are run. St Mary’s pay for the cost of this course. You can start a supporting Coaching role while you are awaiting attendance at this Course. Lead Coaches must have this course completed.

The GAA introduced a stipulation that you must have the Child Protection Course completed prior to attending a Foundation Course.

The Coaching Officer will be happy to assist with any queries – their contact details can be found in the Contact Section.

Check out our Coaching Resources page to download helpful coaching documents,or view them below.

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