St. Mary’s 24 Hour Fun Run/Walk Fundraiser

We are undertaking a fundraiser for Sligo Cancer Support Centre, St. Cecilia’s School and club developments from 6pm on Friday 11th November until 6pm Saturday 12th November.

St. Mary’s GAA Club are ‘running’ a fundraiser for two important local charities. The fundraiser takes the form of a 24 hour fun run/walk relay. Teams will run or walk around Mitchell Curley Park for two 1 hour slots over the course of a 24 hour period from 6pm on Friday 11th November to 6pm Saturday 12th November. For 24 hours straight there will constantly be a team running or walking through day, night and any weather elements to raise the funds. We ran a similar event in 2018 which was hugely successful with over 200 participants so we are asking for a big push from all community members to get involved and fund-raise. Teams are currently being built however if you would like to get involved reach out to Glenn Young on 087 951 3232.

We are delighted to partner with St. Cecilia’s School, Sligo Cancer Support Centre. Both of our chosen charities are very important to many people in the club and carry out exemplary work. We are delighted to team up with them both in order to support their efforts. After a successful year for the entire club which saw huge numbers at our Saturday Morning Coaching programme, a new St. Mary’s All Stars programme for kids with additional needs, enhancements to club facilities and successes throughout all age grades, funds will also go towards the continuous development of our club.

You can donate from now at: 


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